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You deserve unique and personalized care. By listening to your specific health needs, goals, and preferences your registered massage therapy treatment is tailored to benefit you most.

Amanda Schrik

registered massage therapist

As an RMT, supporting my clients in their efforts to be proactive about their physical and mental wellbeing is what I’m passionate about.

My treatment approach is tailored and reflects my clients goals, whether their focus is on general wellness, managing pain, optimizing their athletic performance or making a comeback after injury.

Before opening LMT, my first years in practice were spent at a busy sports physiotherapy clinic. The opportunity to see and treat many different orthopaedic and sports injuries, as well as work with some national and pro level athletes were invaluable experiences.

After over a decade in practice, I’ve come to fully recognize the therapeutic value that relaxation and calming of the nervous system add to the massage therapy treatment. It’s my goal to create a calm, quiet atmosphere for clients to disconnect during their appointment.

I am a CMTBC registrant and RMTBC member.

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Focused treatment

to address your goals.



Responsive to your evolving needs. Regular registered massage therapy treatment can offer a defence against injury and stress by catching discomforts as they arise, while calming the nervous system to promote deep relaxation.



Focused on speeding recovery and relieving stiffness in hard-working muscles, this sport specific treatment is intended to enhance your training and athletic performance. Ideal for weekend warriors or anyone highly focused on a specific sport or activity.



Pain is a unique and individual experience that is influenced by many factors. Through careful consideration of your present condition as well as your past health history, a treatment aimed at bringing relief and restoring function can be developed based on your unique needs.

Treatment Feature

RMT Face, Head, and Neck massage

60 min

Just as muscles of the body benefit from massage therapy, so too can the often overlooked muscles of the face and head. Stress, eye strain, and jaw clenching are common causes of facial discomfort and excess tension in these under-treated muscles can play a significant role in conditions such as headaches and TMJD (temporomandibular joint disorder).

As relaxing as it is therapeutic, this dedicated 60 minute face, head, and neck RMT massage incorporates specialized techniques aimed at relieving excess neck and facial muscle tension, promoting tissue health, and calming the nervous system.

Is this treatment covered by extended health care plans?

Yes, this is an RMT treatment and can be submitted to your benefit plan if it includes RMT coverage. This massage is differentiated with its own description/ selection when booking only so that the treatment table and supplies can be prepared for the appointment, similar to how the table may be set up differently for prenatal massage. Direct billing is available (see FAQ for details).

Is this a facial?

No, although also incredibly relaxing, this is an RMT face, head, and neck treatment and is focused on muscle and tissue health rather than the surface texture of the skin or the products used. That said, the same techniques aimed at reducing muscle tension, stimulating local blood flow, and moving lymphatic fluid, may also offer some visible benefits such as a more relaxed facial posture and an energized, refreshed complexion.

What is IASTM?

IASTM stands for instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, which essentially means massage of the muscles, fascia, and skin using a tool. IASTM and Gua Sha are often equated and the tools used may be the same or similar, yet their intent is different. Gua Sha, performed from a Traditional Chinese Medicine approach, is thought to move energy, or QI, around the body. Within the scope of Registered Massage Therapy, IASTM is used for manual therapy rationales; addressing muscle tension, tissue pliability, and local blood flow. In its adaptation for the face, neck, and head, IASTM is applied more gently (never painful) using different pressures intended to address specific layers of soft tissue. A light facial oil helps the tool glide smoothly over the skin’s surface. Blending more focused specific work in areas of muscle tension (e.g. eyebrow, forehead, and jaw areas) and broader sweeping strokes along the paths of lymphatic return, IASTM is used alongside other techniques within the massage treatment. IASTM is also a great home-care option for self massage between RMT appointments.

Registered Massage Therapy

60 minutes | $120

90 minutes | $170

Direct Billing

Available to many major insurers, direct billing, saves you the hassle of submitting receipts and waiting to be reimbursed. To learn more and view a list of major participating insurers, please see the FAQ page below

Frequently asked Questions

Which insurers are you able to bill directly?

Listed are the most commonly billed, please inquire if your insurer is not listed.

Pacific Blue Cross

Medavie Blue Cross / RCMP

Alberta Blue Cross

Canada Life

Chambers of Commerce (Johnston Group)

Desjardins Insurance

Industrial Alliance

Johnston Group

Manulife Financial

Maximum Benefit (Johnston Group)


Green Shield

Where are you located? Tell me about your space.

I have a dedicated clinic space with separate entrance located at my lower mission home in Kelowna, BC. Having the opportunity to custom build our home a few years ago gave the ability to create a functional and calming space where clients also always have a spot to park. It has been a joy to share this new home for Lakeshore Massage Therapy with my clients.

I can’t make my appointment, what’s your policy?

You can easily reschedule or cancel your appointment online through your booking account. Please be sure to cancel or make changes at least 24hrs before your scheduled appointment. If you need to cancel or change your appointment within 24hrs of your scheduled appointment, no hard feelings, however you will be charged for the missed appointment if it remains unfilled. Your appointment time has been reserved just for you. By giving 24hrs or more notice to cancel, you give your therapist time to fill the appointment and avoid a gap in their schedule, it is appreciated!


Registered massage therapy

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Clinic address: 4663 Fuller Road, Kelowna BC

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